The 10th Pacific-Rim Termite Research Group Conference (TRG 10)

26-28 February 2014


Venue:  Mahkota Room III

Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




26 February 2014


0730 – 0830             Registration


0830 – 0900             Welcoming speech by Local Organizing Chairman, Mr Fong Kim Hon

Welcoming speech by President of PRTRG, Prof Lee Chow Yang

                                    Photography session.


0900 – 0930             Keynote paperJ. Kenneth Grace (University of Hawaii, USA): Invasive Termites Revisited: Coptotermes gestroi meets Coptotermes formosanus


                                    Kunio Tsunoda Memorial Lectures (30 min each)

                                    Session Chairperson:  Professor Brian T. Forschler (University of Georgia, USA)


0930 – 1000             Plenary paper 1Kenji Matsuura (Kyoto University, Japan): Evolution of asexual queen succession in Reticulitermes termites.


1000 – 1030             Plenary paper 2Kok-Boon Neoh (Kyoto University, Japan): Ecological adaptation success of the sympatric higher termites, Macrotermes gilvus and Macrotermes carbonarius.

1030 – 1100             Coffee break and poster session


1100 – 1130             Plenary paper 3Houfeng Li (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan):  Current distribution, ecological niche, and economic impact of the Asian subterranean termite in its invaded country, Taiwan.


1130 – 1200             Plenary paper 4 – Foong-Kuan Foo (Alliance Pest Management, Singapore): Behavioral and Physiological Changes in Macrotermes gilvus (Hagen) (Blattodea: Termitidae) Induced by the Endoparasitoid Misotermes mindeni (Diptera: Phoridae).


1200 – 1230             Plenary paper 5Abd Hafiz Abd Majid (Universiti Sains Malaysia): Effect of Different Climate Environment on Foraging Behavior, Colony Genetic Organization, Movement and Breeding Pattern of Subterranean Termites (Reticulitermes flavipes).


1230 – 1400             Lunch break


1400 – 1540             Session 1: Biodiversity and Systematics I (20 min each)

                                    Session Chairperson:  Dr Kok-Boon Neoh (Kyoto University, Japan)


                                   Paper 1 -- Trinh Van Hanh Nguyen Thuy Hien, Nguyen Hai Yen & Tran Thu Huyen: Applying molecular technology to identify termite species of the genus Coptotermes in the Hanoi Old Quarter.

                                   Paper 2 – Veera Singham s/o K. Genasan & Chow-Yang Lee:  The advantages of next generation sequencing against the enrichment technique in isolating biomarkers from the termite genome.

                                   Paper 3 -- Nguyen Van Quang, Nguyen Hai Huyen, To Thi Mai Duyen, Nguyen Van Hoan & Trinh Van Hahn: Data on species composition and distribution of termites (Insecta: Isoptera) in different habitats of Xuan Mai area, Hanoi.


                                   Paper 4 -- Thomas Bourguignon, Yves Roisin, Stephen L. Cameron, Jan Šobotn’k, Yoshinobu Hayashi, Shuji Shigenobu, Dai Watanabe, Nathan Lo, Toru Miura and Theodore A. Evans: The evolutionary history of termites as inferred from 60 mitochondrial genomes: dating the rise of tropical ecosystem engineers.

Paper 5 -- Nguyen Quoc Huy Trinh Van Hanh, Nguyen Van Quan, Nguyen Thi My, Nguyen Thuy Hien, Tran Thu        Huyen, To Thi Mai Duyen & Nguyen Hai Huyen: Species             composition and damaging levels of termites in three World          Cultural Heritage sites: Complex of Hue Monuments, Hoi An Ancient Town, and My Son Sanctuary.


1540 – 1600             Coffee break and poster session


1600 – 1720             Sponsor Innovation Session

                                   Session Chairperson:  Dr Partho Dhang


Paper 1 --- Syngenta  - Charunee Vongkaluang: Altriset: Promising Findings from Thailand on the WorldÕs Latest Innovative Termiticide.  


Paper 2 --- Bayer – Jason Nash: On going challenges for termite control in Asia.  

Paper 3 --- Sumimoto Chemical - A field trial conducted in Thailand to evaluate the efficacy of a new non-repellent termiticide (clothianidin: neo-nicotinoid) in preventing structural damages caused by subterranean termites.   


Paper 4 --- Bentz Jaz - Bentz Jaz: The Trusted Partner in Pest Management Industry.



1720 – 1900             Annual General Meeting (only members who had received confirmation of membership acceptance are eligible to attend).


27 February 2014


0830 – 1010             Session 2:  Wood Preservatives and Natural Products I (20 min each)

                                   Session Chairperson:  Prof Andrew Wong (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)


Paper 1 -- Indah Sulistyawati & Lusita Wardani:  The Subterranean and DryWood Termite Attack on Used Ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwagery T. et B.) Flooring from a House.

Paper 2 -- Nadia Nuraniya Kamaluddin & Akiko Nakagawa-izumi:  Characterization of Termite Feeding Deterrents from Fibroporia radiculosa (Peck) Parmasto

Paper 3 – James Hague Ferry Bongers, Yuji Imamura, John Alexander& Matt Roberts : The performance of Accoya¨ and Tricoya¨ against attack by subterranean termites.

Paper 4 – Ronniel D. Manalo and Carlos Garcia: Resistance of Abaca Fiber-Reinforced Polypropylene Composites Against Drywood Termites.

Paper 5 – Yusuf Sudo Hadi: Feeding rate as a consideration factor for successful termite wood preference tests.

1010 – 1030             Coffee break and poster session.


1030 – 1230             Session 3:  Wood Preservatives and Natural Products II (20 min each)

                                   Session Chairperson:  Jim Creffield (Onwood Entomology Australia).


Paper 1 – Niken Subekti: The Resistance of Two Woods Species Soaked in Cigarette Waste Water Againsts Subterranean Termite Attack.

Paper 2 – Andrew Wong & J. Kenneth Grace: Termite resistance of selected lesser-­known Malaysian hardwoods to Coptotermes curvignathus and C. formosanus

Paper 3 -- Carlos Garcia & Marciana R. San Pablo:  Resistance of Auri (Acacia auriculiformis A. Cunn. Ex. Benth.) and Forest Red Gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis J.E. Smith).

Paper 4 -- Didi Tamadi S. Khoirul Himmi & Sulaeman Yusuf : Termiticidal activityies of anthe extract of Brugmansia candida leavesf against a subterranean termite Copotermes gestroi Wasmann and a drywood termite Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light.

Paper 5 -- Maya Ismayati, Akiko Nakagawa-izumi, Hiroshi Ohi & Didi Tarmadi :  Efficacy of tannin extracts isolated from acacia bark waste against the subterranean termite Coptotermes gestroi Wasmann.

Paper 6 – Tae-Young Lee & Brian T. Forschler:  Ranking Wood Preference of the subterranean termite Reticulitermes virginicus (Banks) using Two-, Four-, and No-Choice Experimental Designs.  



1230 – 1400             Lunch break


1400 – 1540             Session 4: Termite Management I (20 min each)

Session Chairperson:  Dr Hou-Feng Li (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)


Paper 1 -- Partho Dhang:  An Attempt to Termite- Proof Structures using Physical Barrier in the Philippines.

Paper 2 -- Ching-Chen Lee and Chow-Yang Lee:  Effect of chlorfluazuron bait against Macrotermes gilvus: Evidence for the presence of the toxicant compound in workers and larvae.

Paper 3 – Farkhandar Manzoor & Mahnoor Pervez: Efficacy of Biflex and Fipronil in controlling subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in different  soils types in Pakistan.

Paper 4 -- Baek-Yong Choi  & Tsuyoshi Yoshimura: Effects of solid carbon dioxide on thermal conductivity of four common construction timber species in Japan with a special reference to drywood termite control.

Paper 5 -- Yuliati Indrayani,  Hikmayanti, Andika & Yoko Takematsu: Survey on the Infestation of School Buildings by Termites in Pontianak.


1540 – 1600                         Coffee break and poster session.


1600 – 1640             Session 5: Termite Management II (20 min each)

                                    Session Chairperson:  Dr Partho Dhang


Paper 1 -- Trinh Van Hanh, Nguyen Quoc Huy & Le Quang Thinh: The results of treating termites (Isoptera) in The Nam Hai Resort, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.

Paper 2 – Shing-Kwong Cheng & Siu Kin Cheung:  Analysis of building materials damageable by termites in Hong Kong.

1640 – 1740             Session 6: Biodiversity and Systematics II (20 min each)

                                   Session Chairperson:  Prof Sulaeman Yusuf (Indonesia Institute of Science)

Paper 1 -- Zhiqiang Li, Bingrong Liu, Wenhui Zeng, Weiliang Xiao, Junhong Zhong: Termite assemblages in the four forest types in southern China.


Paper 2 -- Theodore A. Evans, Justine Jacquemin, Lee Gang and Thomas Bourguignon: Variation of social insect assemblages in Singapore primary and secondary forests.

Paper 3 -- Wenhui Zeng, Zhiqiang Li, Bingrong Liu, Qiujian Li, Lei Zhang and Junhong Zhong: Effect of antibiotics treatment of Coptotermes formosanus on cellulase secretion.

1830                           Departing for dinner


1900 - 2200              Gala Dinner at KL Tower

                                    - Presentation of Memento to Organizing Chairman

- Presentation of Certificates to PRTRG Travelship Recipients

- Announcement of the venue of TRG 11 (China).



28 February 2014


0800 – 1200             Excursion to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (only limited to the first 60 delegates who register for the excursion)





Poster 1 -- Hirata Kazhiro & Tsuyoshi Yoshimura:  Measuring stress of termites using LC/MS analysis.

Poster 2 -- Hajime Yaguchi, Shuji Shigenobu, Kiyoto Maekawa:  Transcriptome analysis of soldier differentiation in the incipient colony of the damp-wood termite Zootermopsis nevadensis.Poster

 Poster 3 -- Yudai Masuoka & Kiyoto Maekawa: Expression and function analyses of the hormone signaling genes during soldier differentiation of the termite Zootermopsis nevadensis.

Poster 4 -- Ikhsan Guswenrivo & Kok-Boon Neoh: Termite (Coptotermes gestroi) Tunneling Analysis in Peat Soil – Moisture Gradients.

Poster 5 -- Eko Kuswanto, Intan Ahmad, Ramadhani Putra & Idham Harahap:  Stratified Random Sampling: A Sampling Technique for Mapping Termite Hazard in Urban Environment of Bandung City.